Health and Safety


Health and Safety

As part of the safety management system, companies have to meet certain safety standards and to help us provide the safest service possible. At the moment, companies try and provide their services as safe as is reasonably practicable. The presentation is given, all practicalities are gone through and then there is a questions and answers section at the end. The Board of Directors have a roll to play in this as well as the responsibilities that directors have to companies.


Health and Safety – Board of Directors.

The training is a presentation to the Board of Directors,  the manager and the health and safety committee (if in place) and will look at the system in place and what needs to be implemented. A health and safety document is a working document, best done by the staff of the company – the health and safety committee along with management. Each RTP group has the health and safety cd which has to be adopted for the group.


Health and Safety – Private Operators.

What we did is to give them general info on health & safety (rights, responsibilities, that kind of thing)  Then we went through driver specific h&s responsibilities.  Then we asked them to turn to their handbooks, which is the last attachment, and we went through that with them so that they understood what we expected of them, and what we expected them to report.


This module is offered for the Private operators that RTP groups use. It looks at the safety standards – rights and responsibilities that private operators working within the RTP. This includes:

  • Minimum safety features required on the bus
  • Safety training required for bus drivers
  • Accident and incident reporting
  • Fire and emergency evacuation procedures
  • First aid
  • Maintenance of vehicles including record keeping


A booklet covering all aspects of this is also given to each of the participants. There are useful forms in the back of this as well.


Vehicle Check approved RSA HSA Garda