Evening Services NEW

Evening Services.


New Evening Services

To date, we have been successful in our application for:

  1. Ballivor to Kilcock, stopping in Kildalkey, Rathmoylan, Summerhill and Kilcock – This is an evening service, an extension to the current PSO.

Ballivor to Kilcock timetable

Ballivor 19:15
Kildalkey 19:25
Rathmoylan 19:40
Summerhill 19:50
Kilcock 20:00


Kilcock 22:30
Summerhill 22:40
Rathmoylan 22:55
Kildalkey 23:05
Ballivor 23:10
  1. Stamullen to Balbriggan, stopping in Gormanston, Millfield and Balbriggan – This is an evening service, an extension to the current PSO.

Stamullen to Balbriggan timetable

Stamullen Kilbreck 19:00
Church Gough’s Corner 19:02
Gormanston 19:10
Millfield Shopping Centre 19:20
Harry Reynolds Road 19:21
Balbriggan Station     (Apache Pizza) 19:25
Balbriggan Omniplex (Mill Road) 19:30


Balbriggan Omniplex (Mill Road) 23:00
Balbriggan Station     (Apache Pizza) 23:05
Harry Reynolds Road 23:09
Millfield Shopping Centre 23:10
Gormanston 23;20
Church Gough’s Corner 23:25
Stamullen Kilbreck 23:30


These services will run as a pilot from June until December. Start Date will be announced soon.

For the pilots  to continue in to 2019 there must be a good uptake of the service on a weekly basis.


Charges for the evening services will be at the same as the normal daily price. If a passenger has a Free Travel Pass then this can be used in place of payment.


All vehicles used on services are wheelchair accessible.